Aerobotic Services PrecisionRx™ – Revolutionizing Variable Rate Spraying for Enhanced Crop Protection

Why Choose PrecisionRx™ Prescription Maps?

Precision Plant Health Analysis: Aerobotic Services’ advanced technology captures high-resolution imagery of your fields, providing a comprehensive analysis of plant health indicators. We leverage this data to generate detailed prescription maps that highlight areas with varying plant health within your fields. By precisely identifying zones with different levels of stress, disease, or pest pressure, PrecisionRx™ enables you to optimize spray application and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Variable Rate Spraying: Our PrecisionRx™ prescription maps empower you to implement variable rate spraying techniques. By integrating our prescription files into your sprayer system, you can precisely adjust spray rates based on the specific requirements of each zone. This targeted approach ensures that crops receive the optimal amount of inputs, minimizing waste and reducing the risk of over- or under-application. Achieve better crop protection and maximize the effectiveness of your spray applications with PrecisionRx™ Prescription Maps.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Make informed decisions based on plant health insights. PrecisionRx™ delivers comprehensive reports that highlight plant health variations and stress levels within your fields. This data-driven approach enables you to develop precise spray strategies, adjust application rates, and optimize protection practices based on the unique needs of each zone. Maximize your crop protection potential by leveraging the power of data-driven decision making.

Enhanced Crop Health and Yields: By using PrecisionRx™ Prescription Maps to implement variable rate spraying, you ensure that your crops receive the optimal amount of protection. Targeting inputs based on specific plant health requirements helps minimize the negative impacts of stress, disease, or pests. This proactive approach promotes healthier plants, minimizes crop losses, and ultimately enhances yield. Elevate your crop health and achieve superior productivity with PrecisionRx™.

Seamless Integration: PrecisionRx™ seamlessly integrates with your existing farm management systems and application equipment. We provide user-friendly prescription files that are compatible with various precision agriculture software and hardware platforms. This ensures a smooth integration into your existing workflows, allowing you to optimize your spray applications without disruption


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